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As a law office that provides professional commerce and finance law consulting, Century-Link Law Office�s central tenets are to fully utilize the intelligence, experience, and wisdom of every employee to provide every client with wholly professional law services. Another long-standing principle is to respect and cherish every employee. Every employee�s training is important, and we at the office strive to create conditions for the improvement and use of every employee�s abilities. Over the years Century-Link Law Office has become an exceptional platform for the development of young lawyers� careers. Century-Link�s current partners mostly found their beginnings here at the office, and have grown with us to be the lawyers they are today.

We are currently seeking to fill the following positions:

Position : Legal Assistant
Job Description: Strong abilities in gathering law information and organizing law documents needed. Applicants need to be able to complete editing and proofreading of law documents and drafts under the guidance of lawyers, and need a mature foundational understanding of law, strong writing ability, and are able to handle high work pressure.

1. Have a lawyer license;
2. Strong work ethic, can handle quite difficult and stressful work;
3. Have Undergraduate Degree in Law and above from a prestigious Chinese university;
4. Able to use English to collect and organize professional law documents and materials;
5. Preference is given to applicants with prior experience in a law office.


Contact: Applicants for either position please send your personal resume to: hr@c-linklaw.com