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Century-Link Law Office has a professional team with a strong record of accomplishment in settling various business disputes. We are committed to having an in-depth knowledge of the realistic situation and customer requirements regarding the dispute, assisting our clients to analyze potential risks and development trend of the various kinds of disputes and exploring multiple channels and the best solutions to settle the dispute. Our team provides professional legal services to financial institutions, multinational corporations and other economic entities, including dispute analysis and assessment, risk control, negotiation and consultation and advocacy. We’ve also been involved in multinational business dispute settlement and negotiations, evidence gathering and appearing in court as agent. Our clients include more than 100 enterprises from different industries and at different scales, such as Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, China Development Bank, Guangdong Development Bank, Motorola Inc, Siemens, Huarong Asset Management, Cinda Asset Management Corporation, China International Engineering Consulting Corporation, Beijing All Media and Culture Group, Hongri Fertilizer Corporation. Our professional expertise and capability in business dispute-related risk control and in serving as an agent in litigation and arbitration have helped our clients save billions of Yuan in losses.

Dispute Assessment
The first thing our clients face in business disputes is how to judge the situation realistically and realize the potential risks, which is similar to when you are ill and you need to judge the severity of your illness and how it affects you. Our firm stays committed to assisting our clients to investigate the situation for all parties involved in the disputes, examine the evidence and analyze the causes for disputes. The analysis and assessment technologies developed by our company and our operational experiences can provide our clients with timely, objective, independent and all-round dispute diagnose and analysis report. We help our clients understand the nature and possible influence of disputes to clarify their interests and objectives in different business dispute cases.
Crisis Management
When business disputes are in critical situations, the role of our team is similar to that of a rescue team in natural disasters. Our team has extensive experience in settling business disputes and has effective crisis management methodologies. The firm has served several times as the legal advisor of the People’s Bank of China to handle relevant works and large-scale debt crisis as well as asset liquidation. It has acted on behalf of banks and enterprises to take timely and resolute measures to save effective assets and avoid spreading the loss when their trade partners are in the grip of huge debt crisis. We also assist many Chinese businesses to lodge claims for the First Iraq War and preserved evidence in time in multinational business claims. Our experiences demonstrate that assisting clients to handle business dispute crisis is likely to make them stay calm in the hour of peril and finally turn the corner.
Arbitration & Litigation
Our experience has shown that serving as an agent in litigation and arbitration cases is a long-existing operation in the law industry, but these kinds of cases are a challenge for our clients and some cases even have vital implications for the involved enterprises or product. Our lawyers firstly assist our clients to identify the general objectives in the litigation or arbitration case and all will center all their efforts on meeting these objectives. We also have experience in serving as an agent in difficult cases that have major influence both locally and abroad in terms of investment-related disputes, contract-related disputes, financial debt settlement, infringement-related disputes and labor arbitration.
Representative Cases
Our lawyers served as advisors to the staff of the People’s Bank of China and as agents of the China Trust and Investment Company, China Agricultural Trust and Investment Corporation and Zhongchuang Trust and Investment Corporation in dispute cases related to deposit, financing, guarantee, entrustment, securities and real estate. Our clients in many cases lost their grounds due to incomplete source files or causes in fulfilling their contracts at the beginning, but we helped obtain effective evidence supporting our clients through active and careful investigations, which helped safeguard their interests;
Our firm has served as the agent of MOTOROLA (China) Investment Corp to handle its litigation and arbitration cases in China many times. These cases include disputes in investment, product quality guarantee, supply contract, real estate sale and transfer as well as leases, labor relations, among others. Our Law Office had a full and realistic picture through full communications and comprehensively leveraged on various dispute settlement approaches to reduce their costs and increase its proceeds;
Our Law Office served as the attorney for the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, China Construction Bank, Export-Import Bank of China, Guangdong Development Bank and China Export-Import Insurance Company to provide legal services in credit contract validity, responsibilities of guarantor, mortgage assets disposal, letter of credit responsibilities and judicial preservation and litigation, among others;
The claims of non-Iraqi individuals and companies against the Gulf War facilitated by the United Nations became the largest war claims. A large number of Chinese companies engaged in contracting and infrastructure construction projects in Iraq before the war, thus their claims were mainly concentrated in losses in infrastructure construction. Since 1995, our Law Office has represented businesses such as China State Construction Engineering Corp, China Overseas Engineering Corporation, China Metallurgical Group Corp, China Road and Bridge Group, China National Chemicals Import and Export Corporation, Shanghai Oriental International Group, Tianjin Metals and Minerals Import and Export Group, Guangdong Silk Import and Export Corporation to lodge claims against the Gulf War to the United Nations. This involved complex calculation of infrastructure construction losses and international legal standards, but our lawyers successfully won the claims for many Chinese enterprises;
Our Law Office has on many occasions, served as an agent for foreign     investors in various kinds of litigation and arbitration cases in China. Our clients include South Silver Group, Korean LG Group, Malaysian Lion Group, SIEMENS, Hong Kong Lang Yu Trading Limited, Swedish Automobile, among other foreign investment companies in dispute cases involving investment interests, trade dispute, administrative litigation, and debt and infringement disputes and so on. Our lawyers focused on communicating with foreign clients, including those from Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macau, promoting them to understand fully the precautions in litigation or arbitration in Mainland China in order to mitigate litigation risks as a result different national conditions and legal system.

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