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Century-Link Law Office is one of the pioneers in China to provide professional legal services to Chinese businesses investing overseas. As early as the mid-1990s, the firm provided Chinese enterprises with all-round legal services in overseas investments, large-scale project contracts and exporting equipment. In recent years, the firm has increasingly expanded its service offerings to Chinese businesses as they keep extending their reach to the outside world. We currently serve overseas investment projects in Southeast Asia, the Middle East, South America, Australia and Europe. These projects include investment in national strategic resources, Greenfield Investment, cross-border merger and acquisitions, project financing, project contracting and technical cooperation.


Investment Adviser

The legal services in overseas investment offered by Century-Link include serving as an overseas investment adviser to help investors study the general legal environment and local rule of law, assess legal risks and offer risk control plans in target countries in the early stages of an investment project; to draft various legal documents, engage in negotiations and work with lawyers of the target country to provide advisory opinions for various investments so as to effectively fend off legal risks in overseas investment at the negotiation stages of an investment project. We also coordinate with lawyers of the target country to provide all kinds of legal assistance in government examination and approval, business registration, environmental protection, labor relations, contract and taxation-related affairs on the one hand and offer solutions for disputes occurred during the implementation process of the project on the other after the signing of an investment project.


Legal Management

Apart from Chinese laws and those of the target country, an overseas investment project more often than not involves laws of a number of other countries, such as the country where the project company is located, the country where the financer is situated and the arbitration locality of disputes. In recent years, Century-Link has developed a one-stop legal service platform for Chinese enterprises investing overseas in accordance the demand for legal services in Chinese overseas investment. Our clients entrust our firm to serve as their project legal advisor, then we will work together to study the demand for legal services in overseas projects and represent them to employ foreign lawyers to provide legal services needed for their projects. For our clients, our firm’s role is as the internal legal management department. Our services cover legal consulting and document preparation for overseas investment for one part and foreign lawyers’ employment and administration for another. This platform leverages on our professional advantages to supplement the shortage of China’s investment abroad and enhance the capacity of Chinese organizations to control legal risks and improve their work effectiveness in overseas investment.


Commercial debt collection

Century-Link represented many Chinese enterprises to lodge compensation claims to the United Nations Compensation Commission after the first Gulf War and won. We consult with our clients to identify the appropriate legal solutions for international debt collection in line with different business debt cases during the collecting process. As debt collection involves legal standards of different countries and different methods to calculate losses as well as different legal procedures; the firm also helps Chinese creditors to recruit lawyers of the country of the debtor to collect debts if necessary and coordinates with local lawyers to timeously and effectively collect debts for our Chinese customers so as to minimize economic losses.


Representative Cases

Served as the legal advisor to the China Development Bank in its project financing of the Thermal Power Plant in Mariveles, the Philippines. This project was singled out as the “Best Deal of the Year for Project Finance” by an internationally influential legal magazine “Asia Law and Practice” in 2009 based on its financing amount, the number of financial institutions involved in the project financing and the complexity of the financing structure;


Served as the legal advisor for the forestry cooperation project between the Chinese and Malaysian governments in their participate in the negotiations and drafting of the MOU;


Served as the legal advisor for the state-invested large-scale pulp & paper limited company, to provide Chinese businesses with full legal services in establishing an integrated production base for forestry, pulp and paper. These services include studying laws on forestry franchise rights, environmental stewardship, placement of affected farmers and resources protection, engaging in feasibility studies on relevant project operations, preparing land lease contracts and participating in negotiations regarding government franchise rights;


Served as the legal advisor for the China-Africa Development Fund in its relevant projects in Africa, including the glasswork, leather and cement projects in Ethiopia, and the trade area project in Mauritius;


Served as the legal advisor for Yankuang Group in its project to construct the main East-West railway lines in Venezuela, providing related project contracting, financing agreements, equipment purchases, technology transfer and maintenance at a later stage;


Provided legal services on many cases to domestic financial institutions in offering consortium loans or project finance for overseas investment projects. We participated in this kind of project financing in Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Africa, Australia and South America, including the gold, copper and cobalt project in Congo, CDB’s credit loan project in East Africa, providing loans to the government of Kenya and the construction loan project in Libya;


Served as the special legal advisor for CDB in foreign-related projects and provided legal services in several of its “go global” financing projects. This also included a project to finance an airline company to purchase aircrafts, another project to finance a large state-owned company to acquire overseas minerals, as well as a project to finance overseas high-speed railway construction and an overseas bank’s credit loan project;


Served as the legal advisor for a big textile enterprise in Shandong Province, providing full legal support in acquiring a textile mill in Guinea;


Served as the legal advisor to the Export Credit Department of People’s Insurance Company of China in underwriting a Chinese company's project to build ships in Iran, the Chinese project to build a shipyard for the United States Navy, a Chinese company to construct the Macedonian Kozjak Hydropower, a Chinese enterprise to construct the KANCHANA12MW power plant in Thailand and the hydropower plant project in Albania. Legal services provided by the firm include project legal structural design, commerce, insurance contract examination, financing, insurance contract negotiation and modification; and


Provided full legal services to China National Aero Technology Import And Export Corporation to capitalize on national export credit financing to build the multipurpose cargo ship valued at more than USD200 million for Islamic Republic of Iran Shipping Lines. Our services in this project included engaging in project planning, drafting documents, negotiating, developing and delivering the financing structure. After that, Century-Link once again provided legal services to CATIC and Guangzhou Shipyard in jointly building ship equipment by exporting technologies for Iran. 


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