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Century-Link Law Office has been serving as a legal advisor for various types of financing projects for a long time. Our clients not only include China Development Bank, Guangdong Development Bank and China Huarong Asset Management Corp; but also those applying for credit in financing projects, the guarantor agencies and relevant government approvals. We have accumulated extensive experiences in financial and legal services with the various financial transactions. In addition, we boast a strong and professional team in bank credit, structured finance, project finance, debt or asset restructuring, securities issuance and finance-related dispute settlements.
The Law Office offers legal consulting services to both Chinese and foreign financial institutions and enterprises. Cases in point, we’ve assisted Chinese banks to issue Floating Rate Certificate of Deposit (FRCD) to raise circulating funds in Hong Kong, Singapore and other Asia-Pacific financial markets through overseas offshore banks. We carried out due diligence and presented legal suggestions for banks with regards to providing loans to Chinese businesses for M&A and offering credit loans to overseas banks on the one hand and assist our clients in negotiating financing documents, drafting relevant legal documents for financing, among other professional legal services.
Project Finance
Century-Link carries out legal due diligence, studies on legal environment, legal structural design and optimized advisory, business contract examination, financing documents drafting and negotiation, legal consulting in government examination and approval and other legal services in project financing. Century-Link served as a legal advisor for domestic and foreign financial institutions, developers, project companies, government agencies, contractors and other related parties in financing and M & A projects for infrastructure construction, energy, water and electricity, aircraft, ship and port and has accumulated rich practical experiences.
Century-Link represents one of the earliest professional Law Offices providing insurance and legal services. Insurers served by it include American AOW, China Export and Credit Insurance Corporation (and its predecessor PICC Property and Casualty Medium and Long-term Division) and Taikang Life, the Pacific Life Insurance Ltd. Our firm provides insurance companies with legal advisory and agent services in designing terms and conditions of insurance laws, insurance product management, insurance settlement of claims and disputes, insurance product design, business management and investment management.
Representative Cases
Served as the legal advisor to the China Development Bank in its project financing of the Thermal Power Plant in Mariveles, the Philippines. This project was singled out as the “Best Deal of the Year for Project Finance” by an internationally influential legal magazine “Asia Law and Practice” in 2009 based on its financing amount, the number of financial institutions involved in the project financing and the complexity of the financing structure;
Served as HSBC’s legal advisor in issuing floating rate bonds to the Bank of Communications and the Agricultural Bank of China;
Provided legal consulting services to different functional departments of CDB in special researches and the consulting and researches involved “the definition and assumption of the responsibilities of lending banks when bank credit funds violate regulations to enter into the capital market”, “comparative studies on bank loan embezzlement between Chinese laws and foreign laws – relevant system analysis of banks in the United States, Germany, Britain and the World Bank”, “comparative studies on debts receivable and financing guarantee between Chinese laws and foreign laws - relevant system analysis of banks of the United States, Britain, Japan, Germany and Canada” and “private finance legal system of the United States and Britain”.
Provided legal consulting services to researchers for the development of some new businesses for China Export and Credit Insurance Corporation. We also provided relevant special legal research and consulting services to the research team in designing and developing new products of export credit;
Provided full legal services in factoring business between MOTOROLA and banks, including advisory opinions, examination and modification of relevant factoring agreements;
Provided legal services in the early design stage, contract drafting and negotiation to relevant investment and trust companies;
Served as the perennial legal advisor to Taikang Life to provide legal consulting and agent services in insurance product design, business management, insurance claim, investment management, among other businesses;   
Served as the perennial legal advisor to Guangdong Development Bank in bank credit management, loan contract planning, risk control and finance trading, among other matters;
Provided Guangdong Branch with special legal services in offering loans to Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) set up by Chinese state-run enterprises through Hong Kong for purchasing stock rights of an Australian publicly listed coal enterprise at the evaluation and examination stage and the contract drafting stage. Legal services for this project include contacting Australian and Hong Kong Law Offices to provide relevant legal services in Australia and Hong Kong.
As one of the pioneers in providing legal services to China’s BOT project in 1995, our firm served as the legal advisor of the government to provide full legal services to Guangxi Laibin Power Plant B Plant - the BOT pilot program formally approved by the State Development Planning Commission for the first time in the mainland. Our firm participated in the feasibility study and the general plan preparation, documenting for bidding, pre-examination of the qualification of the bidding subject, answering questions about the bidding, bid opening, bid evaluation, clarification negotiation, documenting for government approval, concession agreement, government purchasing agreement, financing agreement, guarantee documentation and other legal document drafting and negotiations in the early stages of the project and has accumulated rich experiences in legal services related to BOT project.


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