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Many of our lawyers at Century-Link Law Office worked in the HR and Administrative Divisions of various enterprises, Labor Relations Management Divisions of government and trade unions, and were responsible for the management of HR contracts at foreign-funded enterprises. Century-Link has been working to enable employers and employees to fully understand their respective rights and obligations and establish effective communication channels for both parties while providing labor-related legal services for organizations and companies of various kinds and individuals, thus, making labor relationship a relationship featured by mutual benefits and win-win scenario. When it comes to settling labor disputes, Century-Link seeks to provide innovative schemes and reduce the confrontation and losses of both parties. Our legal team provides a wide array of services including the formulation of HR rules and regulations, the design and negotiation, modification and discharge of employment contracts for enterprises and institutions of various kinds and the development and delivery of labor settlement and dismissal plans when enterprises and public institutions undergo restructuring, reorganization, M&A and insolvency.
Personnel System
We provide legal services such as the formulation, approval and modification of personnel systems for clients so that their human resources are effectively utilized and comprehensive benefits elevated. We work to investigate the distinctive features of clients and try to formulate personnel systems, contract models and employee handbooks suitable for both employers and employees. Our clients include financial institutions, engineering companies, service outsourcing enterprises, labor dispatch companies, communication service companies, government departments, and their affiliated institutes.
Labor Contracts
As we provide services for different institutions, we have developed and improved labor contract models targeting different industrial features and characters of enterprises of different scales in line with the changes in the national labor system. Beyond that, we have summarized and formulated complete responsive plans for legal points where labor disputes easily occur when the labor contract is signed, fulfilled, modified, discharged and terminated, and drafted comprehensive legal document models matching the labor contract. Century-Link has provided dozens of legal training relating to labor contracts for our clients and accumulated extensive practical experience and expertise.

Labor Disputes
As the reform of China’s employment system is deepened and labor-related laws and regulations are modernized, and improved, legal services involving labor relations and human resources have increasingly become the new business growth point for Century-Link. Due to the complicated and complex labor laws, regulations, policies and rules, the intervention of professional lawyers will contribute to the effective settlement of labor disputes and mitigate legal risks going forward. When we provide consultancy services for clients, we work to provide legal support for them according to the implementation of labor contracts to avoid disputes. At the same time, given the different trial features of arbitration and litigation for labor disputes, we act on behalf of clients to negotiate and mediate with employees before the litigation in order to seek to diffuse labor disputes. During litigation preceding, we represent clients during the trial and implementation of disputed cases; provide well-targeted guidance and help clients collect evidence to safeguard the legal rights and interests of clients.


Representative Cases

As the legal advisers, Century-Link Law Office provides consultancy and training about daily labor-related legal affairs, carries out legal analysis on the legal risks in the labor contract and personnel system under the current labor management situation, and offers solutions. We establish labor contract management systems, help enterprises regulate employment, guide HR departments to carry out effective control on the signing, fulfillment, modification, discharge and termination of labor contract. Our client list includes many domestic and international companies such as China International Engineering Consulting Corporation, Zhongrong Information Service Co., Ltd. of China Unicom, Artrade.com, BAMC Talentvision Co., Ltd., International Poverty Reduction Center in China, China Industrial Overseas Development & Planning Association, China Netcom Group System Integration Limited Corporation, Motorola, Siemens, Reed Elsevier IT (Beijing) Co., Ltd., Harris Communications Limited, and Beijing Mag Science & Technology Development Corp.


We provide legal services for Shandong Linyi No. 8 Cotton Mill, Yiguang Electronic Joint Stock Co., Ltd. and Shandong Redsun Chemical Co., Ltd. for their introduction of foreign capital in the reorganization or M&A of state-owned assets. We offer end-to-end legal services for the restructuring of large and medium sized state-owned enterprises such as Shandong Tianyuan Construction Group Company, Shandong Facts Group Inc., Linyi Transport Company, Linyi Urban Construction Company. We also serve as the legal adviser to China Cinda Asset Management Corporation, China Orient Asset Management Corporation. We provide clients with legal advice and due diligence concerning personnel transfers, dismissals, settlements and economic compensation involved in M&A, restructuring and reorganization, liquidation and insolvency and provide specific solutions. We help clients develop procedures to implement employee distribution and settlement plans and provide guidance for the practice at each link; participate in the implementation of employee settlement plan and communicate or negotiate with representatives of employees or employees under settlement; communicate and negotiate with trade unions and labor administrations on settlement plan.


We represent many large SOEs, multinationals and public institutions to handle the arbitration and litigation in labor dispute cases. Our clients include Motorola (China) Electronic Co., Ltd., Guangdong Development Bank Beijing Branch, China National Agricultural Exhibition Center, CIECC Engineering Construction Project Management Corporation, BAMC, Marubeni Corporation Beijing Office, China Netcom Group System Integration Limited Corporation, Foreign Economic Cooperation Center of the Ministry of Agriculture. Beyond that, we also produce analysis opinions on facts, legal analysis, coping strategy and litigation risks before the litigation, offer evidence collection plans and guide clients to collect and sum up the relevant evidence.



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