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Century-Link regards real estate legal affairs as one of the important services. With professional lawyers who have solid theoretical and practical experience, we provide diverse legal services for clients, covering prophase research on real estate projects, real estate project financing, construction and leasing of development zone projects, development and transfer of real estate projects, engineering construction, hotel management and service. We also assist clients in addressing disputes related to real estate project development, construction and decoration. Our clients include Motorola (China) Electronic Co., Ltd., China National Offshore Oil Corporation, China International Engineering Consulting Corporation and other large-scale integrated companies, real estate developers and relevant institutions. Legal Procedure and Taxes Details of Beijing Real Estate Development Projects and other books compiled and published by senior lawyers of Century-Link are the earliest professional books expounding on the procedures for the development of real estates in Beijing. The books carry out meticulous research on the legal issues in the development and operation of Beijing real estates and are well received by property developers and legal experts.


Real Estate Development and Construction
Century-Link provides professional services throughout the whole process or at different stages of real estate development and construction. Our services include legal supervision and assistance in the pre stage, such as the establishment, daily operation and management of property development companies, real estate project initiation, examination and approval; the drafting, negotiation and implementation of agreement on development on entire land and demolition compensation, the signing of deed transfer contracts and handling the transfer procedures. The services have played an active role for clients to control project development risk, reduce development costs and improve efficiency.


Real Estate Project Financing
Our lawyers provide legal opinion on finance structures, government approval and guarantee methods involved in project finance. We carry out due diligence on the legal conditions of relevant financing assets of enterprises or banks, provide legal analysis and investigation reports for matters such as ownership, debt, labor relations, approval documents and legal risks of the real estate projects, check and modify legal documents for loans, as well as participate in financing contract negotiation. Beyond that, we also assist banks to develop financial products relating to real estate, and provide topic research on government administrative procedures, regulatory documents and review on legal risks concerning new financial products.


Real Estate Construction
Our lawyers have provided many practical services concerning the construction of real estate projects. They have assisted clients in carrying out end-to-end legal supervision on real estate construction projects, drafted and examined tender documents. Moreover, they have reviewed contracts on design, construction, supervision, purchasing of raw materials and equipment, provided timely legal suggestions for issues and disputes arising in the construction process and assisted clients in addressing issues and disputes. We have recovered huge losses for clients and have a good reputation.


Project Transfer and Operation
Targeting the transfer and operational matters of real estate projects, Century-Link provides comprehensive lawyer services including due diligence, plan design, drafting of legal documents and contract negotiation necessary for project transfer or entire leasing. We assist property developers to handle legal procedures pertaining to the sale of commercial estate at various stages of the projects and provide professional advisory services such as the preparation of legal documents, arrangement of sales and professional marketing training, and offer legal assistance or settle relevant disputes concerning leasing, operation and property management.

Representative Cases

As China International Engineering Consulting Corporation’s legal adviser, we provide all-inclusive services for real estate investment, including project research, legal analysis, contract consulting and drafting, and offer specialized legal services for its bid to supervise the construction of the new terminal of Beijing Capital International Airport;

As Motorola (China) Electronic Co., Ltd.’s legal adviser, we provide legal services for the real estate investment, construction and leasing. We also provide end-to-end legal services including cooperation method, land acquisition, project construction, leasing, transfer and document formulation for new industrial park project of Motorola’s Asia Headquarters, Tianjin Economic and Technical Development Zone project, Suzhou New Area, Shanghai New Area, Chengdu Software Center and the Hangzhou R&D Center;

As the legal adviser for China National Offshore Oil Corporation (CNOOC Real Estate Development Co., Ltd.), we provide all-inclusive legal services for its real estate projects, such as new office building, training center, R&D center. Services we provide include project research, contract negotiation, drafting legal documents, contract implementation and engineering construction;

As the legal adviser for China National Agricultural Exhibition Center, we provide all-inclusive legal services and special services for the construction and development of the new exhibition center. We also provide comprehensive legal services for property leasing projects between China National Agricultural Exhibition Center and Rainbow Center, Baijinhan Center, and Shunfeng;

Commissioned by several banks and real estate developers, we provide legal mortgage or sales services for more than 40 real estate projects, including Webok House, Sun 100, Fenglin Oasis, Jianwai SOHO, SOHO New Town, Palm Spring International Apartment, Napa Valley, Oriental Ginza, Chaowai MEN, Platinum Palace, Wanda Plaza;

As the legal adviser for Huarong Asset Management Company, we provide real estate legal services for PBOC to close Zhongchuang Company, carry out asset liquidation and equity transaction;

Commissioned by Evergreen Co., Ltd., we provide legal services for its cooperation with Canada Four Seasons Hotel to operate a hotel, which involve project analysis, contract modification, and foreign-related contract negotiation and contract translation;

Commissioned by Beijing Weigong Yuanding Real Estate (Group) Company, we provide all-inclusive legal services for real estate project transfer, equity transfer, and provide long-term advisory services.

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