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Corporate Service has long been one of the core competences of Century-Link Law Office. Century-Link offers high quality and all-round legal services for various corporates in the consultancy, corporate M&A and capital market industries. Our clients include large-scale state-owned enterprises, such as Yankuang Group and Shenhua Group; large-scale state-owned financial institutions, such as People’s Bank of China, China Development Bank and Huarong Asset Management Corporation; foreign-funded companies including Global Top 500 Companies, such as Motorola, Siemens and many SMEs investing in China. Century-Link has accumulated wide range extensive experience in various segments of legal services, such as labor relations, establishment of joint ventures, foreign capital-related approvals by governments, M&A, overseas investment and capital operation.


Capital Market

Since its inception, Century-Link has offered legal services to domestic clients in various capital markets, covering viability studies on listing in domestic and overseas markets, analysis on the legal requirements on different securities markets, establishment of publicly traded companies, asset restructuring, and structuring of red-chip companies listed in other countries. Century Link also provides legal services for legal affairs in different phases such as financing, strategic investment for the purpose of IPO, validity review for listed asset, preparation of listing documents and asset operation, business M&A after being listed. We have accumulated profound practical experience in delivering legal services for companies of various kinds and in different industries. We are in a better position to offer legal services in terms of complicated business reorganization, and IPO both at home and abroad


Advisory Services

Century-Link’s enterprise advisory service is an offering built on the basis of delivering daily legal advisory services to various companies. The distinct features of this service are: evaluating business risks, developing risk control plans, establishing standardized contract templates and providing integrated and timely legal matters pport. While paying attention to the actual needs of various companies for legal matters, our advisory service has been working to harness our synergy through customized services as a way to significantly reduce the costs of clients and add to their profits when dealing with legal affairs.


Mergers & Acquisitions

Century-Link provides legal services to domestic and overseas companies in terms of M&A or acquisition which include due diligence, structure design, government approval, asset liquidation, contract negotiation, document drafting and modification, as well as credits and debts disposal. As the legal adviser to SOEs and local governments, we have been part of many restructuring projects and provided end-to-end legal services in SOEs restructuring, the sale of SOE-owned equities, the acquisition of equities by employees or management of the company.


Representative cases

  • Century-Link provided end-to-end legal services to Shandong Jiangquan Industry Co., Ltd. (600212) for the asset reorganization and stock transfer of the listed company under its control;
  • As the Chinese legal adviser to HK-listed Yinchuang Holdings (HK0806) and Jiaoda Mingtai (HK8148), we provided legal services for asset reorganization;
  • We provided legal services for listed company Shandong Lanling Chenxiang Liquor Co., Ltd. (600735) for the reorganization of asset and debts, repayment of majority shareholder and net shell transfer;
  • As the legal adviser to listed company Fujian Star Computer Group Co., Ltd. (600734), we provided legal services for its asset reorganization and debt payoff of majority shareholder;
  • As the legal adviser to Motorola (China) Electronics Co., Ltd., Century-Link provided legal services for Motorola’s operations in China involving investment, financing and contract consulting. For instance, we provided comprehensive legal services for Motorola (China) in establishing Industrial Parks in Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai and Suzhou;
  • As the legal adviser to Harris Company of the USA, Century-Link provided multi-facet legal consultancy services for the joint ventures and wholly-owned operations Harris invests in China, including commercial matters, labor and litigation;
  • Century-Link provided sophisticated legal services to Electricity Company of Shenhua Group to establish a foreign investment company with its assets and stocks as capital, a very first in our law practice;
  • As the legal adviser to WI HARPER, Century-Link provided due diligence, contract review and other legal services for the venture capital investment project jointly established by WI HARPER, INTEL and MICROSOFT;
  • As the legal advisor of Malaysia Lion Group, Century-Link dealt with its legal affairs concerning its investment in business retailing, brewery and industrial manufacturing, including feasibility study, the establishment of joint-ventures, attaining government approval, joint venture contract, asset reorganization, protection of rights and interests of foreign-funded companies;
  • As the legal adviser to a Shandong-based large-scale shareholding company specializing in fertilizer, Century-Link provided end-to-end legal services for it to introduce foreign investors, making the state-owned stock company the first foreign-fund limited liability company established through restructuring in Shandong Province;
  • Century-Link provided foreign-related legal negotiation services for operations and management between Evergreen Co., Ltd. and Canada Four Seasons Hotel. We also provided assistance for China Aviation Technology Import-Export Corporation and Germany Karcher Company in setting up Beijing Karcher Clean Equipment Company;
  • Century-Link provided integrated legal services to Hong Kong E-Better Investments Ltd. and Bio Gateway Limited in acquiring Jiangsu Supeng Chemicals LLC, including designing relevant acquisition plan, contract negotiation and drafting various legal documents of acquisition.
  • As the legal adviser to Linyi Municipal SASAC and the Luozhuang District government of Linyi City, Century-Link provided legal advisory services for the restructuring and reorganization of government-owned enterprises, major construction projects involving governments, and local investment projects. 

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