Sun Shimei

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Sun has many years of experience as corporate legal advisor and lawyer. His areas of expertise include corporate legal affairs, real estate and construction, marriage and family law, labor disputes, tort law.


Sun serves as the legal advisor to a number of well-known companies for a long time. His clients include Jinan Wenhua Printing and Packaging Co., Ltd., Jinan Decoration Institute, Jinan Oni Design Co., Ltd., Disen Elevator Co., Ltd. Jinan Branch, Shandong Genyuan Power Equipment Co., Ltd., Jinan City Licheng Department Store, Jinan City Licheng Mall, Jinan Zhongyi Investment Co., Ltd.


Before joining Century-link, Sun worked for Qingdao Chengda Co., Ltd., Jinan Xinbao Co., Ltd and Shandong Faguan Law Firm.






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◆2004, Ocean University of China, LL.B


2008, Lawyer License


Chinese, English