Liu Xiang

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Liu has many years of experience as lawyer. His areas of expertise include corporate law, real estate and construction engineering, intellectual property, labor disputes, marriage and family dispute, litigation and arbitration.


 Liu serves as legal counsel for a number of well-known companies over a long period of time, his clients include Jinan Bulb Plant, Shandong Business Daily, Jinan Tiandi Net Link Technology Co., Ltd., DUPLO (Shandong) Office Equipment Co., Ltd., Shandong Province Jinshuntong Systems Engineering Co., Ltd., Jinan City Shenglong Paper Co., Ltd., Jinan Baofa Cancer Hospital, Jinan Yuhe Construction Machinery Co., Ltd., Chongqing Baotong Transport Co., Ltd., Jinan Gao Lin Building Materials Co., Shandong Zhongli Fire Engineering Center, Xintai City Chengxin Logistics Co., Ltd., Jinan Yinengxin Mechanical and Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd., Shandong Jiuzhou Water Co., Ltd., Shandong Nutrition Source Food Technology Co., Ltd., Shandong Golden Childhood Co., Ltd., Jinan Chunhe Boutique Digital Port Plaza Co., Ltd., Jinan City Licheng mall, Jinan Likong Electronic Engineering Co., Ltd.


Before joining Century-link, Liu worked for Shandong Wode Law Firm.







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◆2004 Shandong University, Bachelor of Law


2007, Lawyer License


Chinese, English