Liu Yuanjiang

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With several years of practical experience and sound legal theoretical foundation, Liu expertise includes corporate law, finance law and criminal law.


Liu is responsible for and represents the litigation and arbitration of major and complex cases. He has worked on various disputes including business contracts, loan disputes and criminal cases. He has recovered huge economic losses for clients and his profound knowledge, invaluable litigation experience and skills have helped him win wide applaud from clients and colleagues.


Liu has an abundance of practical experience in the design of plans for corporate investment, restructuring, stock transfer, and disposal of debt and credit.


Mr. Liu’s clients include Inspur Co., Ltd., Ginza Commercial Property Management Company, Shandong Shunkang Commercial & Trade Co., Ltd)、106 Hospital, Jinan Municipal Property Management Bureau, Shandong Weishanhu Group Co., Ltd, Shandong Chang An Building Development Co., Ltd, Shanghai SIGMA Elevator Co., Ltd., Ping An Insurance (Group) Company of China, Limited, Qingdao Branch, Jinan Bolian Telecom Equipment Co., Ltd., Shanghai Kaibote Communication Equipment Co., Ltd., Foshan Dengke Zhuolian Communication Equipment Co., Ltd., Jinan Puyagaoxun Communication Co., Ltd., Jinan Guangbaili Food and Chemicals Co., Ltd., Shandong Huamu Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Shanghai Hangguan Rosewood Furniture Co., Ltd., Shandong Enhui Flower Co., Ltd., Laizhou Sanjiang Agriculture development Co., Ltd.


Before working for Century-Link, Liu worked as a full-time legal advisor for Sanlian Group, a full-time lawyer for Qindao Law Office Jinan Branch and Shandong Luxing Law Office.





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β—† 1995, Shandong Normal University, Bachelor of Education


2002, Lawyer License


Chinese, English