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Shandong Branch

Century-Link Law Office has extensive experience in providing professional legal service for clients in Shandong and surrounding areas. Founded in 2004, Century-Link Law Office (Jinan) currently has multiple partners and senior lawyers based in Jinan, Linyi, and other cities in Shandong Province. The associates in Shandong, our Headquarters and other branches use the unified business standard and management model and provide high quality legal services to various types of clients by harnessing synergy within the organization.


Business Scope and Track Record


Core competences of Century-Link Law Office Shandong Branch cover corporate, finance, overseas investment, litigation and arbitration, labor relations, IPR, criminal defense and real estate.


When it comes to corporate law, Shandong Branch has extensive experience and a professional team that provides legal services for different business activities such as company establishment, operation, development, liquidation, bankruptcy. We have done the following: 

  • As Yankuang Group’s legal advisor, we provide professional legal services concerning overseas investment, technology transfer, Sino-foreign joint venture project and foreign trade;
  • As Jinan Iron & Steel Group’s legal advisor, we provide legal services for its foreign trade affairs;
  • We provide specialized services such as product marketing and contract examination for LG Chem Ltd;
  • As the legal advisor for Shandong Jiangquan Industry Co., Ltd., we provide end-to-end legal services for asset reorganization and stock transfer of a listed company held by Jiangquan;
  • We provide legal services for listed company Singapore United Food Company;
  • As the legal advisor, we provide legal service to Shandong Lanling Chenxiang Jiuye Co., Ltd., such as asset reorganization, strong stock holder repayment and net shell transfer;
  • We provide legal service for listed company Shandong Juli Co., Ltd. for asset reorganization of a listed company by controlling shareholders.
  • Since 2000, we have been providing comprehensive legal services for the restructuring, reorganization and M&A of many large and medium-sized SOEs and public institutions, including sales of state-owned stocks, reorganization of SOEs by foreign capital, management buy-out and M&As.


When it comes to litigation, the Shandong Branch’s legal team deals with thousands of civil, commercial and criminal cases. The lawyers have rich practical experience and unique insights into many issues that have a direct bearing on the fundamental interests of clients, including the role of litigation or arbitration in specific disputes, addressing disputes through negotiations via non-judicial procedures, the execution of litigation or arbitration rulings. Our successful cases include: 

  • Representing Industrial & Commercial Bank of China Shandong Branch and Jinan Branch to deal with various debt disputes, recover loan principal and dispose secured assets and debts; 
  • Acting on behalf of Yankuang Group, LG Chem Ltd., Jinan Iron & Steel Group to address investment and foreign trade dispute cases; 
  • Assisting China Huarong Asset Management Corporation Jinan Office to liquidate, examine and dispose of non-performing assets in the long term, which effectively protects and realizes the rights and interests of creditors; 
  • Representing various criminal cases to protect the lawful rights and interests of the defendants;
  • Acting on behalf of medical institutions to address various medical dispute cases;
  • Providing comprehensive legal support to Jinan Yaolin Building Materials Co., Ltd. in terms of legal affairs pertaining to the patent and product liability of more than 20 new types of building materials; 
  • As the legal advisor to Jinan Licheng Commercial Bureau, we provide legal opinions and services for the development and restructuring of SOEs controlled by the government;


Shandong Branch has, since its founding, been providing legal consultancy services to various government departments and companies, including the Department of Commerce of Shandong Province, Linyi Municipal People’s Government, Jinan Licheng Commercial Bureau, Linyi State-owned Asset Management Commission, Yankuang Group, Shandong Fujiao Group, Huasheng Jiangquan Group, Xiangyu Group, Xinhua Printing Logistics Group, Shandong Facts Group Inc and Shandong Zhengxing Tyre Stock Co., Ltd.