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Quality Guarantee

Century-Link consistently adheres to achieving clients’ interests through an established internal mechanism for guaranteeing quality professional service. We seek to ensure that every client obtains professional and effective legal services from our legal teams, process and standards.


Comprehensive Business Management System
Century-Link has developed fully-fledged systems for registering and allocating entrusted affairs, recruiting and training lawyers, operation and communication with clients, as well as for compiling and filing legal instruments. Our customized management software ensures that our staff can timeously share information and refer to their work online whether they are in the office or not – effectively increasing our legal team availability to our clients.


Adequate Communication and Collaboration with Customers
What motivates our efforts to safeguard clients’ interest is to take heed to their opinions. Before accepting a case, we assign a senior lawyer to listen to their requirements and information relating to the case. After accepting the clients’ case, we not only assign an exclusive lawyer to listen to the clients’ opinions, but also appoint a second person to discuss the latest developments of the case and any outstanding issues. Century-Link agrees to timeously and comprehensively inform clients of any important developments relating to their case, and that any important decisions to be made, will be thoroughly discussed with the client beforehand – in this way keeping the client as part of the process.


Supervision and Examination on Legal Instruments
Century-Link has specific standards for the file structure and citation forms and documents of legal instruments of various kinds. Important legal instruments necessary for clients’ projects are examined and verified by the projects team lead. We solicit input from clients regarding the content. As for the formed working paper, the lawyer exclusively assigned to the case is responsible for re-checking and signing.


Protection of Clients’ Interests
Century-Link has established a flawless system for checking any conflicting interests and for maintaining information privileges. We explicitly commit to the contents of the entrustment contract with all our clients and assume the responsibility to keep client information confidential.