About us

Century-Link Law Office is one of the first-batch of private law firms founded following China’s reform and opening-up policy was initiated in 1978. Specialized in offering professional corporate and commercial law services, Century-Link comprises of numerous professionals with more than ten years practical experience and expertise as lawyers. Lawyers at Century-link are equipped with sound educational and practical experience with diverse cultural backgrounds.


At Century-Link, we are committed to realizing our clients’ interests through tailored legal services. We have a well-established management mechanism which protects the interests of our clients in a cost-effective, professional and integrated manner when it has, since its inception, been providing practical advise and services for a wide array of domestic and international business transactions, thus, offering a meaningful protection to maximize the legitimate rights and interests of our clients.



Century-Link Express

Century Link has been awarded “Project Finance Deal of the Year” by International Finance Law Review, Asia Law & Practice and Asia-Mena Counselin 2009 and 2010 respectively. In China Law & Practice Awards 2011 ceremony just held on September 22, 2011, Century Link has once again been awarded “Private Equity Deal of the Year” by Legal Media Group.

The electronic newsletter “Overseas Investment Express” published by Century Link periodically covers the topic of “The Warning Sign Signaled by Saudi Arabia Light-rail Construction Project” which analyzes the lessons Chinese overseas investors may learn from legal point of view….. Another topic of such recent newsletter is concerning when an Enterprise goes overseas to invest, how to avoid risks such as those happened in Libya….



Century-Link Law Office is home to a host of young and middle-aged lawyers in their prime who are equipped with profound experience and expertise. Their practical experience and expertise cover a wide spectrum of fields, including overseas investment, bank and finance, corporation and commercial, securities, real estate, litigation and arbitration, business consultancy and intellectual property. They have received sophisticatedholistic and systematic legal education from domestic and internationally renowned law schools and most of them have achievedare LLMs. while some have PHDs and Master’s degrees from top-notch US or UK overseas law schools. They have accumulated profound practical experience as they provide tailored legal advice and services in the business field for both domestic and overseas clients during a period of more than a decadethe long term, which, we believe, will further elevate Century-Link’s capacity in providing high value-added legal services for clients.